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When it comes to Nightclub Insurance it's important that your agency partner knows the risks you deal with every day your club is open. Whether it's a doorman that's having a bad day, or the drunk guy in the bathroom that just punched someone in the face, to the back entrance where your VIP clients enter.
We get it.
We understand your needs and a Nightclub owner and will provide you with the best Nightclub insurance program regardless of your size or sales. Together with our Nightclub insurance carriers we will make sure your employees, investment and your clients are protected.
See why so many Nightclub owners choose work with Kitto Insurance.
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Nightclub Insurance Coverage
Liquor Liability Insurance For Nightclubs
This is the biggest risk of owning a Nightclub and one of your biggest fear. Making sure your nightclub insurance program will cover and defend you when you need it, means picking the right company.
Many carreirs do not include  this coverage in their General Liability or offer it at all for nightclubs.
We have carriers that will offer the limits you need to protect your club.
Assault and Battery Insurance for Nightclubs
Fights will happen inside the club and if a bouncers handles the situations incorrectly this is the most common examples of where assault and battery coverage will come into play.
If the policy has an assault and battery exclusion, it could leave you responsible for any damages incurred.

Many carreirs do not include  this coverage in thier General Liability or offer reduced limits within the Liquor Liability policy. Understanding what you have or don't have is important.
If you're not sure feel free to give us a call and we will review your policy for you.
Employee Practice Insurance For Nightclubs
Employee Practice Liability is a something every business should carry.  This is the new way for employees to get into your pocket and make fast cash. You are more likely to file a claim here than you are anywhere else in your business. 
EPLI covers you for claims such as: Discrimination, Wrongful Termination, Sexual Harassment, Wage and Hour claims and many more. 

Even if it is a total false claim you still need to defend yourself and business in court to prove your innocent and it gets expensive quickly.

An important part of any Nightclub Insurance Program.
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