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Quality Built to Contain Your Craft

The NDL Keg Advantage:
No minimum quantity requirements
Made from AISI304 stainless steel
Welds inspected to meet industry standards
Dedicated to quality
Strategic warehousing in the USA for quick delivery
Competitive pricing
Custom embossing available (your logo)
Clients of Kitto Insurance Discount:
Get a $2.00 per Keg discount by contacting nic@ndlkeg.com just tell him you work with Kitto and let the savings start rolling in. 
Why Choose Us?
 For more than 20 years, NDL Keg has been serving the needs of small to mid-size companies in the beverage industry. Today, we supply quality kegs to more than 800 global customers, safely containing dozens of well-known brands.  We are also proud to announce that NDL and Lehui, the largest beverage and brewery equipment manufacturer in Asia, have partnered in North America, and now offer turn-key brewery systems, tanks, keg washing systems as well as spare parts.  Let us contain your craft.

This Bank Understands Breweries & Distilleries

The Liveoak Advantage:
  • Flexible downpayment options
  • Can lend to Expansion, Equipment, Construction, Debt Refinancing, and Working Capital
  • Bank rates: 5-6.75% today
  • Longer terms for cashflow proposes
    • 25 years for real estate
    • 15 years for equipment
  • Brewery  and distillery specific loan team (all day every day craft loans)
  • Live Oak Bank is the 2nd largest lender to small businesses in the US
Why Choose Us?
As a craft brewer or distiller, your livelihood is much more than a small business. It’s a personal dream come true, a display of artistic expression and a showcase of fine craftsmanship. Live Oak Bank understands your trade and shares your passion for craft beverage. Our unique loans allow you to make your dreams a reality.

Our committed brewery and distillery loan experts are focused on financing options that not only are tailored to the craft industry, but keep more cash in your pocket and inspire growth. Funds can be used for expansion, equipment purchases, refinancing, working capital, construction and more. Our team defines success as delivering capital in a way that quickly and effectively drives your expansion goals.
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Barmetrix is a hospitality services and coaching business. Since 1999 we
have coached over 5,000 bar/restaurant operations teams in the US,
Canada, UK and Australia. In a nutshell, Barmetrix provides expertise in
solving some of the most common issues in hospitality businesses
worldwide today.
Stuart Newcomb
President Barmetrix of Indiana