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Creating  exceptional spirits is what you do best. Creating exceptional insurance solutions is what we do best.
When it comes to the process of distilling, whether it’s the milling, mashing, or even the fermentation step, you always leave your signature on every batch you make. It is your own creation. The insurance for your distillery shouldn’t be the same coverage as the bar across the street or even the brewery on the other side of town. This is why when you sit down with us we learn about your business and the risks and concerns that keep you up at night. Then we put together your own batch of coverages that are truly yours and no one else’s.
Our products and customer service will keep your business protected from the risks in your industry. So let us learn the ins and outs of your operation, so you can sit back and  focus on what you do best, distilling!
  Distillery Insurance Program offered in Indianapolis, IN, Ohio, Illinois, Colorado and  Michigan with more States to come.

Distillery Insurance Coverages You Need

Product Leakage
If one of your barrels leaks or something happens that causes your tank to be punctured we can cover that.
Raw Material Spoilage
Covers your raw materials if they were to ever spoil while in storage or a refrigeration unit.
Tasting Room Coverage
Damage To Product
If you have a tasting room at your distillery you will need Liquor liability. This will protect you if someone has too many samples and gets into their car and causes an accident. This is a very important part of your Distillery Insurance Program.
Coverage To In -Process "Craft Beverage Products" And "Craft Beverage Products" Being Aged.
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