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Workers Compensation Insurance 

Liquor Liability Insurance

General Liability Insurance

Let's face it we have all seen people that have had way to much to drink and that have been overserved . You never know which one of those clients will cost you your business if they crash and kill themself or someone else.
Not all Liquor policies are the same, so it's important to understand your business and the real risks you face on any given day. We will make sure you are with the right carrier based on your needs, not ours.
It's great that your business is booming and there is a waiting list to get a table or get in the bar, however all those customers means you have more risk of something happening. As they enter you place of business they now expose you to a potential liability from a slip on the drink that was spilled or something getting into the food that was not supposed to be in there.
It's important your insurance partner understands your business and protect it properly.
Workers compensation is mandatory in most state and this is what will cover your team members if they get hurt while on the clock. Workers compensation pays for the injury they suffer plus any on-going medical bills and most importantly lost wages included what they would have earned in tips.
If you try to run without it you are subject to major fines. Not all carriers rates are the same , as carrier can credit you account if they want your business and you have no claims.
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Assault & Battery


If you’re in the hospitality business and sever alcohol, having Assault and Battery coverage is essential to protecting your business from suffering a major financial loss.  Many carrier do not include this coverage in their General liability policies or they are silent on the matter (silence is never good) and many top rated Liquor Liability carriers may only offer low limits and low aggregates.
It does not matter if you’re a “classy bar” where that “never happens” because if and when that rowdy group from out of town stop in and something does happen, it would be good to know you have the right coverage and not find out later than you didn’t.
Some  carriers offer full limits up to $1M does yours?
Employee Practice Liabilty is a something every business  should carry.  This is  the new way for employees to get into your pocket and make fast cash. You are more likely to file a claim here than you are anywhere else in your business. 
EPLI covers you for claims such as: Discrimination, Wrongful Termination, Sexual Harassment, Wage and Hour claims and many more. 
Even if it  is a total fauls claim you still need to defend yourself and business in court to prove your innocent and it gets expensive quickly.
Protection that covers you most when you least expect it. 

You spent a lot of money making your place look amazing, with your unique tables and amazing bar. So make sure you cover the contents for full replacement cost. Imagine if you took the roof off your building and tipped your business upside down, everything that would fall out would be your contents. 
When they handed you the keys to your place, we assume it did not look as it does today. Those walls you had put up, that amazing paint and tile wall that leads to the bathroom.  You might call it “build out” but we call it TIB (tenant improvements and betterments) and it is important that you insure for what it would cost to replace  this, even if you did a lot of the work yourself.  Am we are sure you would want someone else to do it next time.
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Data Breach


Business Income

70% of data breaches happen at the POS. 
Data Breach is an upcoming crime that has been sweeping businesses out from under their own feet. Hackers access credit cards, bank account numbers, names and personal information. All this can be obtained from your Point-of-Sale System and if you don’t have the right coverage it can destroy a business.
The protection built into this coverage contains: Cyber Extortion expenses, Legal expenses, Credit monitoring services, and help fund a marketing or PR campaign to build that good reputation back to where it once was. Your dangers don’t always happen in house. Be prepared for anything!
Umbrella or Business Catastrophe Liability policies are designed to provide extra  coverage over and above your other liabilitity policies.
For those businesses that serve alcohol we can even have that policy sit over top your liquor liability coverage for those claims we all fear.
Umbrella can be very cost effective for some in the industry, but can become very expensive for others that are in high risk business like Bars and Night Clubs.
 Look at this policy as your safe guard against big claims and incidents in your place of business.
When you have a claim that causes your business to shut down for a period time it is a relief to know that you have business income protection. If your operations is slowed down or even closed due to a claim, it will pay you what you would normally make day to day during the renovations and remodel of your business.
Our carriers have an Actual Loss Sustained and do not put a cap on the dollar amount they will pay. To sweeten the pot even more we have coverages that will pay you up to 60 days after your doors reopen to make sure you keep making money as if business was booming. As well there is Ordinary payroll expenses  including tips which pays your servers what they would make once you reopen because we all know that it will take some time to get back up to speed.
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Equipment Breakdown 


Food Contamination

Just because your equipment breaks does not mean it should break the bank! Your equipment is vital to the operation of your business and having it insured for loss is just as vital.
Most commercial insurance policies only cover losses due to external forces like fire or water from a broken pipe. But many exclude coverage it just breaks down due to mechanical failure or a power surge from outside the building.
What would happen if on a Friday night your electrical system short-circuits and you loss power to your POS and other critical equipment? You would need to shut down and that would cost your thousands of dollars in lost revenue.  
Food Contamination is a unique coverage that not many business owners think about. This coverage exists in case you should have to temporarily close to your business due to food contamination or food poisoning. It covers the costs to replace the contaminated food, clean equipment, handle potential public health official expenses, and even support advertising to help restore your business's reputation.
This is a coverage that is very essential and needed to protect your business.
 In the insurance world anything can happen. A power outage hits your business and your walk in refrigerator gets fried. Without Spoilage coverage you are looking at paying thousands of dollars out of pocket to replace that product. Spoilage coverage is a big plus to have on your policy. 
It's important to under what you have and if you need this coverage ,as you may not hold much product as you order weekly. Some companies include some coverage at no cost other will charge.
When the unexpected happens, make sure you are covered with plans that fit your business.
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Catering Coverage 

Valet Parking 

Food Truck Insurance

When your bar, restaurant, nightclub, or lounge offers valet services or food delivery you will need to protect your vehicles and those who will be driving them. In addition to regular auto insurance, you will also need valet liability insurance to protect your valets.
Valets are constantly at risk for getting into an accident with a customer's vehicle, damaging the car or other property. In many cases, those who work as valets are under the age of 25, putting them at an even higher risk.
To avoid potential issues, facilities that use valets should use strict recruitment practices and check the motor vehicle records of all valets yearly. Buying the right commercial auto insurance is also important to give everyone peace of mind and the proper protection in the event of a loss.
 Your food truck might be your entire means of earning a living or maybe it's an extension of your restaurant that is only used a few times a year for special events or food festivals. But whatever the circumstance is it's important that you insure it correctly. As this requires special coverage and not many companies offer this coverage or understand what the true value is.
Sure you bought an old van for $10,000 but after you installed your commercial cooking equipment and power source and had it wrapped now your $35,000 into the vehicle. It would suck if the adjuster said you’re only covered for $10,000 as that is all the truck is worth. 
Working with someone that understands your business does make a difference.  
Wheather you're a full sevice catering company or you're thinking of particpating in the local Craft Brew Fair. or Best Burger Competition it's important to know what and where your liabiltity starts and stops.
Jusy becasue you have insurance at the restaurant or bar does not mean you have coverage for offsite events.