Making The Perfect Drink Takes Skill

So Does Putting Together The Right Insurance Program
We understand your business and the unique risks you face.
Your bar is just like many business from a risk standpoint, but you also face several others they do not, and that is why it is important that you work with the team that understands you and your bar insurance program. Not all insurance  policies are the same. Some carriers are missing key coverages that you as a bar owner need to have to properly protect you and the business you've worked hard to build and keep open.
Kitto Insurance ONLY works with clients in the food and beverage industry. Would you go to a foot doctor to get your eyes checked? We think not!!
Kitto Insurance provides Bar Insurance in Indiana, MI, OH, NC, CO, PA,IL

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Bar Insurance Coverages

Liquor Liability
Assualt & Battery
General Liability
Owning a bar is a lot of work and a lot of fun, but it also opens you up to a lot of exposure. Serving liquor  is one of your biggest risks, so it's important  to have the proper Liquor Liability Insurance policy.
Not all insurance policies provide the same coverages. 
It only takes one of your clients that had a little to much to drink to get in their car, drive off and kill themself or someone else.
Let's face it we all seen that trouble maker at a bar, and I'm sure you've had them in your place from time to time. When things get out of control it's important you have the right amount of cover to protect your bar/tavern if some gets hurt or killed.
Some policies offer very low limits while other will cover you up to your full limits on your Liquor Liability Policy.
We will advice you what amount makes the most sense based on your unique bar or tavern.
Every person that walk through your door or onto your property is a potential general liability claim waiting to happen. Whether it is  a slip and fall on that drink that was spilled or they trip on that piece of carpet that keeps curling up.
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